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The Birth of Once Upon A Tree Handmade Gift Shop

A woodworker, an artist, a designer, a speech therapist, a missionary, and a homeschool teacher.

A Christian, a divorce woman, a single mother of 4 precious children, a child abuse and DV survivor, a n immigrant, a cross-cultural person who does not feel like I fit in any culture anymore.

But first of all, I am a precious child of God.

The year 2021 was full of surprises. From CPS coming to our home to remove the children’s father, to me being served with divorce paper. Life needed to go on, and I had no choice.

As I struggled through the most difficult season in my life, I hung onto my faith and the scriptures that were hidden in my heart. I wanted to remind myself God delights in me no matter what (Zaphania 3:17). I needed the courage to become a woman clothed in strength and dignity (Psalm 31:25). I grounded myself in the truth that God is close to the broken-hearted (Psalm 34:18).

I looked all over the internet for some wall decors with these precious scriptures to put around the house to remind me. However, I could not find any (that was before I even knew Esty existed). So I started making them instead. And that was the birth of the “Once Upon A Tree Handmade Gift Shop”.

My hope is, that the skills I have in woodworking and my talents in designing and arts, will bless you with the riches of God’s word, and bring you hope and joy, whether through a simple name sign or through sophisticated woodcrafts.

Below are some of the wood  signs I made which had helped me hold onto God’s promises and faithfulness during trials in my life.

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